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10 Things to Do In The Nude!

In honour of National Nude Day on July 14th, here is a list of our ideas for fun things to do while naked!


The Toy To Try: Womanizer Wave

The world's best shower meets Womanizer for the ultimate self-care routine. Wave is a top-of-the-range shower head AND water-pressure massager – the...

fun & pleasure

5 Tips For French Kissing👅

Did you know that today, July 6, was Kissing Day!? We’re here to help you celebrate the day of smooching with 5 tips for kissing with tongue.


Strap-on Harnesses We Love!

Are you looking for a strap-on harness that vibrates? Offers DP play? Glows in the dark?! Here are some of the harnesses that we love!


How to Have Outdoor Sex!

Happy Summer!☀️ If you were thinking of taking advantage of the hot & sweaty weather by getting a little hot & sweaty yourselves, here is how to have...


Bridal Lingerie Lookbook Part 2: Attire

Calling all Bride-To-Be’s! Let us help you get ready for the big day (& night!) with our bridal lingerie…finishing it off with the attire.🤍


Celebrate Pride Without The Party!

While some folks love a good party and/or parade, that isn’t the only way to celebrate Pride month amongst your queer peers!


Bridal Lingerie Lookbook Part 1: Accessories

Calling all Bride-To-Be’s! Let us help you get ready for the big day (& night!) with our bridal lingerie lookbook…starting with the accessories.🤍


What is Queer Sex?

Often left out of the conversation of sex altogether, what better time than Pride month to have the talk..the Queer Sex talk.


Last Month on YouTube...April 2023

Did you know that you can shop the items that you see in our YouTube videos!? Meet the cast from April 2023’s videos!

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5 Fun Facts About Stag Shop

For our birthday this year, we want you to get to know us just a little bit more!🥳


5 Benefits of Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is an underrated activity that you can do intimately with a partner! Why? Here are 5 benefits to this “hands-to-yourself” sexual...

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