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Big Butt Toys

Not for the average backdoor beginner, here’s what you should know before buying some BIG anal toys.


Fun With Fisting!

In honour of our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, we want to help you get STUFFED with some fun fisting products!


Meet The Eclipse Prostate Massagers

You probably have already heard about - or maybe even used - a prostate massager. They can range from more basic in design to ones with all of the...


Large & In Charge Dildos!

Basically the opposite idea of a beginner dildo, large dildos are on the, well, larger side of things! They typically feature bigger lengths & girths...


Anal Training Kits: Training Your Tushie

Using an anal trainer kit is becoming an increasingly popular way to stretch the anus to be able to accommodate more. If you purchased one and aren’t...


Advanced Anal Toys

Calling all advanced anal players! Are you bored with the “intro” beads & plugs? Looking for something a little more ful-FILL-ing? Here are some anal...


Cock & Ball Torture - Trick or Treat?

Cock and ball torture, more commonly known as CBT, is a type of kink that involves inflicting pain upon the penis and/or testicles. The “torture”...

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A Guide to Masturbators & Sex Dolls

Pocket pussies, Fleshlights, sex dolls, oh my! With so many different types of pleasurable strokers, it can be hard (pun intended) to figure out...

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Toys For Nipple Play

Nipple play can be enjoyed by folks of all genders and identities as the nipples are an erogenous zone, full of sensitive nerve endings! If you love...

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Biting the Bullet: Bullet Vibe Guide & Ideas

Do you remember your first vibrator? Chances are it was a bullet. One of the most common vibrator styles ever, the bullet is a sex toy classic,...

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Urethral Play For Beginners

Urethral play involves inserting things into the penis, more specifically through the urethra, for sexual stimulation and pleasure. Also known as...

fun & pleasure

Self-Love Series: Masturbation Essentials

Another May has cum, have you!? This is your month to de-stress, catch up on some zzz’s, and get to know yourself just a little bit better - one solo...

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