Things Everyone Should Know About BDSM

As BDSM becomes more mainstream, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything within the media is an accurate representation about what BDSM is...


Incorporating Toys Into Partnered Sex

So, you want to try a sex toy together. Good thing Stag Shop is here to help you figure out how to start incorporating toys into your partnered sex!

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Sex Toy Features & Functions 101

If you’re newer to sex toys in general and not really sure what kind of fun features and functions that they can provide, this is the guide for you!


What is Pet Play?

Are you curious about pet play and what it’s all about? A part of the BDSM world, keep reading to find out more including some tips on how to play!


Sex Toy Shopping For a Partner

Not just something to be bought for yourself, sex toys also make great gifts for partners during the Holidays, on their birthday, for an anniversary,...

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10 Types of Vibrators

Often categorized by where on the body they were designed to stimulate, vibrators can be used by anyone to deliver the good vibes - and pleasure!...

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Shopping Online vs In-Store

Some things are just easier to buy in-person vs online and vice versa. If you weren't sure of where to begin your sex toy shopping, maybe this will...

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Beginner Anal Toys

It’s one of the juiciest months of the year...that’s right we’re talking about Anal August! Get your behind ready, because all month long we will...

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So You Want To Peg Your Partner?

Well, unfortunately, some people with penises are still reluctant to try any sort of anal play. However, if pegging is something you’d like to bring...

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6 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Blindfold

Blindfolds are a fun way for anyone to explore sensory play, Dominant & submissive play, and more. In addition to often being comfortable to wear,...


Electrosex - It's Shockingly Fun!

Electrosex - using electric current for sexual stimulation - is a shockingly fun treat for many! Commonly used within different aspects of BDSM play,...


"Beginner" Toys with Adam & Eve!

While some folks may be very familiar with all of the features and functions that sex toys can provide, many are brand new to the fun and have no...


Anal Training Kits: Training Your Tushie

Using an anal trainer kit is becoming an increasingly popular way to stretch the anus to be able to accommodate more. If you purchased one and aren’t...


What is Wax Play?

Warm each other up this winter with some seductive & sensual wax play! If you’re not sure what wax play is all about or how to dive into all of the...

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A Beginner's Guide To Rope

Rope play (aka rope bondage) is a type of restraint play that for many is about connection, intimacy, pleasure, and the artistic aesthetic. If you're...

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