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5 Myths About Lube

Have you ever heard something about lubricants that made you question your slippery sidekick? We're here to come to the rescue with some lube...

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Different Types of Condoms

You most likely have heard about condoms, and you probably have even used a few before. But, did you know about the full variety of condoms!?


The Luxurious Line of Lelo

Lelo is the definition of luxury when it comes to sex toys. Award-winning, best-selling and high-quality are synonymous with this premium lifestyle...

sexual health & wellness

7 "Stay Home" Sex Essentials

Many of us are still staying at home because of COVID-19. Now may be the time you have found you’re running out of something or missing something...

sexual health & wellness

So You Think You Know Condoms?

Between health class, parents, and your own experiences, you probably have learned some things about them...but how well do you really know condoms?

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