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Top Oral Sex Tips For Everyone!

Regardless of who is performing oral sex and on what part of the body, here are some universal tips for everyone!


Edible Products!

Watermelon, chocolate, salted caramel, cotton candy - who knew such delicious flavours could be found at a sex toy company!? Whether to enhance the...

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Toys For Queer Women

Calling all queer women! Did you know there were sex toys designed specifically for you!?

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10 Tips To Tr-EAT The Pussy Right!

In honour of Cake & Cunnilingus Day on April 14th, we thought we’d take this chance to ensure that all pussy owners are being tr-EAT-ed to the best!!...

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Blowjob Basics!

Blowjobs; also known as bj’s, giving head, sucking dick, etc. is the sexual act of using one’s mouth to stimulate and pleasure a penis. The proper...

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