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How To Use Nipple Suckers

Here is everything you could possibly need to know about using nipple suckers!


Pain-Free Kink Play!

When you hear the words “BDSM” or “kink” - does pain come to mind!?


All About Anal Dildos

What better time than Anal August to talk all about anal dildos!


Tips For Choosing Anal Beads

Considering anal beads often look the same - a strand with differently sized spheres - how do you know which ones to choose!?

fun & pleasure

10 Things to Do In The Nude!

In honour of National Nude Day on July 14th, here is a list of our ideas for fun things to do while naked!

fun & pleasure

5 Tips For French Kissing👅

Did you know that today, July 6, was Kissing Day!? We’re here to help you celebrate the day of smooching with 5 tips for kissing with tongue.


How to Have Outdoor Sex!

Happy Summer!☀️ If you were thinking of taking advantage of the hot & sweaty weather by getting a little hot & sweaty yourselves, here is how to have...


3 Tips For Masturbating With Toys

It’s one of our favourite times of the year…Masturbation May! To kick off the month, here are 3 tips for masturbating with toys.✨


Incorporating Toys Into Partnered Sex

So, you want to try a sex toy together. Good thing Stag Shop is here to help you figure out how to start incorporating toys into your partnered sex!


(Clitoral) Vibrator Tips & Tricks

Looking for some new ideas to spice things up with an old fan favourite!? Here are a few of our go-to clitoral vibe tips & tricks!


Reasons Your Partner Bought You a Sex Toy

Happy New Year from Stag Shop! If your partner gifted you a sex toy over the Holidays (or any time throughout the year tbh) you might be wondering...

sex tips

Silent Night, Silent Sex Toys!

Silent night, silent sex toys! Here’s everything you need to know about seeking out a shhhh - silent sex toy!


Holiday Sex Survival Guide!

Although you may not be home for the Holidays, that doesn’t mean your sex life should suffer! Get through the season with our Holiday Sex Survival...


How to Gift a Sex Toy

Are you thinking of gifting a sex toy this holiday season!?

cock rings

5 Benefits of Cock Rings

If you haven’t heard of all of the benefits that penis or cock rings can provide, keep reading!

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