toy storage

toy storage

Discreet Places to Hide Your Toys

Shhhhh…what sex toys?! No one has to know about your naughtier collection thanks to these discreet hiding spots.

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Places To Store Your Sex Toys

Not sure where to keep your ever-growing collection of toys? Here are some of our ideas - both bold and discreet - of places to store your sex toys!

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Better Tent Sex!

Sleeping in a tent is a summer staple for many people - but have you ever tried to have sex in one!? There are many reasons as to why a tent doesn’t...

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Stuck Inside Series: Spring Cleaning!

There’s no denying that much of the world has been confined to their homes lately amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now is the perfect time - and...

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How To Clean & Care For Your Toys

One question we tend to get asked quite a bit by our customers is how to properly clean and care for their sex toys. Although there is a wide variety...

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Where Should I Keep My Sex Toys?

Whether you have one vibrator or an ever growing collection of all the sex toys, it's important to know how to properly care for and especially store...

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